Kandies with a ‘K’?


Many years ago, not long after starting primary school, my youngest daughter saw a lunch box being marketed with the word, ‘skool’ in place of ‘school’. She was not impressed with the deliberate misspelling and made her feelings clearly known!

Luckily, she hasn’t felt the same passion about the spelling of ‘Kandies’ in the name of my business by knowing the reasons behind it. So, I thought I’d share with you today why I made the choice to use ‘K’ in place of ‘C’ for the spelling of ‘Kandies’ in Bonnie’s Cakes and Kandies.

When I was a young girl, I dreamed of one day starting my own business. At that early age I knew two things:



I knew that I wanted to work with cakes and chocolates, and later, candy Easter eggs. I also knew that I wanted to use my initials in the name of my business.

After many hours of learning, practice, refining my skill and ensuring that I had covered all of the requirements of operating a food business, I was ready to start my venture! I had three letters to work with: B, C, and K.

A three hour car trip with my family one afternoon turned into a 3 hour brainstorming session. ‘Kitchen’ was considered, but at the time many businesses were using ‘Kitchen’ in their name – I wanted something a little different. Eventually we settled on ‘Kandies’ as a way to show that I make more than just cakes, and still use each of my initials.

Though I have had a few people react similarly to my daughter with the lunch box that was too cool for ‘skool’; spelling Kandies with a ‘K’ was a deliberate choice. By delivering products with my initials spelled out through my business name, I take pride in each creation. And I am reminded every day of how hard I have worked to be able to share my cakes, confectionery, and candy Easter eggs with others, and to make each celebration even more special…and delicious.


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