A ‘Mad Hatter’ cake to go crazy for!


20 years ago one of my great friends, Diane, asked me if I could make a hat cake for her 30th birthday. I’ve brought this photo out ‘from the vault’ to show you what I created: a purple, fruit cake shaped as a hat.


Diane’s purple hat cake, made 20 years ago for her 30th birthday.


Diane contacted me a few months before her birthday this year and asked if I could make her another hat cake, this time for her 50th birthday. I’m not sure where those 20 years went!


I had wanted to make a Mad Hatter style of cake for a while, so I asked if that would be suitable and Diane agreed. There was no question that the hat would again be purple, being Di’s favourite colour. She also thought a bit of orange might be nice, and I suggested green as a third colour for the cake.ย Inspired by a Baravellis design, here’s the final result!


Diane's purple Mad Hatter cake with a touch of orange and green.

Diane’s purple Mad Hatter cake with a touch of orange and green traveled from the Bonnie’s Cakes & Kandies kitchen in Gympie to Mackay for Diane’s special birthday party.


Let’s talk details!


The bottom two tiers were mud cake and to add a bit of difference, the top hat was made from chocolate cake. I used a white chocolate and creme de mentheย flavoured buttercream filling between layers, and kept the greeting simple with, ‘Happy 50th Di’.

To cover the ‘table’ or middle tier, I created a tablecloth effect with white, textured fondant and randomly placed red hearts. Finally, a Mad Hatter cake wouldn’t be complete without a teapot, perched right on the top of the hat!ย 



Leaving the Bonnie’s Cakes & Kandies kitchen in Gympie and travelling all the way up to Mackay, the cake arrived safely and in time for the big event. To my dear friend Di, thank you for allowing me to make your cake and for your friendship over the years. I hope you had a wonderful 50th birthday and enjoyed your party!




PS: If you missed it, you can check out another teapot cake that went to Gunabul Homestead as part of a high tea birthday celebration, which I shared on my Facebook page earlier this week.


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