What’s better than wine with friends? Wine with friands!


Friands may not be as popular as they once were (remember the friand craze a few years back?), but their different shape does make a nice change from cupcakes and muffins, and they are every bit as delicious!

Each friand below is topped with an edible disc, decorated to follow a ‘wine & champagne’ theme. Classic vanilla with a pale-pink buttercream, these little cakes are also gluten free.


Gluten free vanilla friands with pale pink buttercream icing. ‘Wine & Champagne’-themed edible discs top each friand.


The discs used here are made from fondant, but could also be made in candy, like my candy eggs, to add extra colour and flavour.






My order also included cupcake-themed toppers. Here’s a peek at my favourite:



Have a great weekend!


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