Kick up your heels – it’s an Irish dancing cake!


Any Irish dancing fans among my readers? Irish dancing dresses are some of the most intricate and beautiful dance costumes I have ever come across. They have amazing colours, patterns and so many details!

A lucky Gympie girl recently celebrated her birthday with green lollipops and an Irish dancing cake featuring an Irish dancer, pink dancing dresses and four-leaf clovers.


A lucky Gympie girl celebrated her birthday with a mud cake decorated with four-leaf clovers, Irish dancing dresses and a fondant Irish dancer.

My customer asked for a simple pink and green Irish dancing dress for their Irish dancing cake. The extra detail of a pink and green headband completed the look, and I used four-leaf clovers and small pink Irish dancing dresses as a border around the edges of the cake.


The accompanying lollipops were mint choc chip in flavour and made in the shape of four-leaf clovers.


Green, mint choc chip flavoured lollipops to accompany the Irish dancing cake.


This is the first time I’ve made an Irish dancing dress out of fondant, but not out of fabric.

They were very simple compared with many other Irish dancing dresses but for anyone interested, I have included a picture below of the two dresses I made. Both times I was up until very late finishing them; I’m sure many parents can relate!


Two simple Irish dancing dresses I enjoyed making some years ago.


With so many possibilities for dress colours and patterns, I could have spent all day making a whole troupe of fondant Irish dancers! Luckily, my customer’s guidelines kept me on task, and I’m pleased to say that she loved her cake and was very happy with the final design.

So there you have it: my first Irish dancing cake, and hopefully not my last!


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