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Shortly after delivering a wedding cake that went to the Gold Coast last week, I was talking with one of my beautiful brides for 2014. We had a brief chat about some of the other places my cakes had travelled to and I thought I’d share one of those out-of-town cakes today.


Coming from the vault of my December 1994 wedding cakes, this cake (and more importantly, the happy couple that it was made for) is just one year shy of celebrating its 20th anniversary! The decorating style certainly has a very traditional look, as you can see with the piped design, along with the pillars separating the top and middle tiers.


Vintage style traditional wedding cake

Elegant three tier traditional wedding cake made by Bonnie’s Cakes & Kandies for a Sydney wedding.


This cake travelled from Rockhampton to Sydney for my niece’s wedding. The bottom two tiers were made in traditional fruit cake, with the top tier made in chocolate cake.


The icing flowers on the top tier and underneath the pillars included a nice mix of Australian native flowers: blushing brides, Geraldton wax, flannel flowers (with a small colour change on their tips to suit the colour scheme of the wedding), and a protea pink ice. Other decorations included cream-coloured cornelli work and piped scallops.


Custom made horse and dray cake stand  |  Bonnie’s Cakes & Kandies.

Custom made horse and dray cake stand | Bonnie’s Cakes & Kandies.


The cake was displayed on a custom made horse and dray stand, crafted especially for the wedding! The ceramic horse was made by a family friend, the wooden dray made by the bride’s father, and the lace covered carriage part of the dray was made by the bride’s mother.


You may just be able to make out two little dogs sitting in the driver’s spot behind the horse. My niece posed her Cattle Dog and Doberman, took a picture, and asked me to create icing replicas of the two dogs. And finally, just visible at the back of the dray is a traveller’s chest, which I finished off with a crooked, ‘Just Married’ sign.


19 years have passed by so quickly. I’ve made so many cakes since that time, but I still remember assembling and decorating this one, and even eating a piece at the wedding! Thanks for reading.




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