What has 32 tentacles and 8 delicious flavours?


Four candy octopuses! No, I haven’t started selling seafood, and it’s certainly not time for Easter eggs to be out on the shelves, but I did recently create four cartoon-like candy octopuses for a special order. My wonderful customer knew that his girlfriend enjoyed my candy eggs and asked if I could create four candy octopuses as a special surprise present for her!

I can honestly say that I’d never thought about making an octopus out of my candy egg fondant before. I make all of my fondant by hand, though, so I knew there was absolutely no reason why this couldn’t be done!


Candy Octopus

Candy Octopus – eight flavours of delicious candy egg fondant, transformed into one cute little octopus! | Bonnie’s Cakes & Kandies


With each octopus having eight tentacles, I was able to use all of my eight signature flavours on each one. I used two different shapes for the bodies – one longer and more egg-shaped, and the other round. The choice of colour/flavour for the bodies was easily decided on as the recipient’s two favourite flavours from my range – aniseed and musk.

I made two octopuses with long, curling tentacles, and the other two with shorter tentacles. I really enjoyed the variation and how they all turned out.


Gluten free dairy free candy confectionery

32 tentacles! I had such a lot of fun creating this special order of candy octopuses | Bonnie’s Cakes & Kandies

Custom made candy octopuses

Candy Octopuses for a special order | Bonnie’s Cakes & Kandies


This was such a fun order to complete and so wonderful to do something so different with my candy egg fondant! I’m happy to say that the octopuses themselves were well-received, and I can’t wait to work on a few other projects that have been inspired by this order. Thanks for reading!



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