Celebrating 40 years of love and marriage


On 23rd April 1977 I had the honour of being a bridesmaid at my sister’s wedding in Gympie.

My sister knew I was interested in cake decorating and the day before her wedding (which happened to be my birthday!), she kindly gave me the book that she had chosen her wedding cake design from. I started teaching myself how to decorate cakes with more intricate icing flowers, lacework, piped embroidery…and the rest is history.

Last month I threw a surprise party to celebrate Carol & Trevor’s 40th/ruby wedding anniversary. We had guests travel from various parts of the country to be there, including Carol & Trevor, who found themselves on a plane without knowing the real reason for their trip!

It was my pleasure to make the cake, of course. I thought they might expect a recreation of their wedding cake, so instead went with a much more modern design – a simple, single tier with red and white carnations. The colours and flowers were carried forward, but the design, and even the flavours – gluten and dairy free, chocolate fudge, and macadamia – were quite different to the original cake.


Fortieth wedding anniversary cake gluten free dairy free cake

40th wedding anniversary cake | Bonnie’s Cakes & Kandies


The night was a huge success and my sincere thanks to everyone who helped to pull off this momentous surprise!

Happy 40th wedding anniversary to my dear Carol & Trevor <3



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