Modern or traditional cake design? Why not both! {Rainbow Beach Wedding Cake}


It is always a pleasure to deliver wedding cakes to beautiful Rainbow Beach! The cake I have to share with you today was another half-and-half design, which I absolutely love to make. This design combines two different coverings to create a contrast between a traditional, white fondant covering, and a more modern ganache covering with chocolate drips. Let’s take a look below…


Rainbow Beach wedding cakes

Half & half wedding cake for a Rainbow Beach Surf Club wedding reception | Bonnie’s Cakes & Kandies]


I recreated this design from a photograph supplied by the bride. I enjoyed cutting and shaping white blossom petals to form the border between the two halves on this cake. This was a change from my previous half-and-half cakes, where I’ve used fondant pleats instead. With just one simple change, the end result looks quite different!

The middle tier featured white pinwheels with edible pearl centres. A splash of colour helped to bring the cake to life and finish off the design, thanks to a bright fantasy flower on the top tier, and a coloured ribbon around the base of each tier.

I love the way half-and-half cakes combine the best of modern and traditional cake designs, and can then be personalised through the addition of colour, toppers, edible flowers – anything! I so enjoyed making this cake and would like to thank the bride and groom for choosing Bonnie’s Cakes & Kandies. Here’s to a wonderful future for the happy couple!



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