A couple as adorable as their sweet cake toppers {Twin Waters Wedding Cake}

I love meeting my customers! Hearing their stories and sharing in their excitement in person is wonderful, particularly as most of my days are spent working alone in my commercial kitchen. Of course, with busy schedules and wedding planning often happening from a different town or city to where receptions are held, I don’t always get to meet a lot of my customers face-to-face.

So, it was a treat to get together with Liz & Tim in person ahead of their wedding day last year. They are as adorable as the sweet little cake toppers on their wedding cake!


Gluten free choc-almond wedding cake at Lily's at the Lagoon, Novotel Twin Waters Resort.

Gluten free choc-almond wedding cake at Lily’s at the Lagoon, Novotel Twin Waters Resort.


Liz & Tim chose choc-almond as the flavour for their gluten free wedding cake. I created an ombre effect with the icing, starting with mint green colouring. The covering as you can see had a slightly rough, horizontal ribbed texture. As a finishing touch, I made some edible glitter, which was sprinkled over the top of the covering. It doesn’t show through too clearly in the photograph, but it gave the cake a nice little sparkle!

It was a pleasure to meet this beautiful couple, make their wedding cake, and deliver to the always beautiful Lily’s on the Lagoon at Novotel Twin Waters Resort on the Sunshine Coast.

What a dream! Thanks to the beautiful couple for making my job an absolute joy 🙂



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